Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Updates on Sewing Alley Shop

Things are busy here at Sewing Alley and I wanted to let you know of a few updates.

First is about the Christmas Bazaar at the Expo Center. After some thought (and lots of sewing, lol) Jessie and I have decided not to do the show this year. While I believe my business is ready for a show of this size I don't think my family is. This show would take me away from my nursling from 8am to 7pm for three days in a row. Then we would do it again the following weekend. So bad news is no America's Largest Christmas Bazaar for Sewing Alley. Good news, I have a large amount of items made for this bazaar that will be available soon as I am reopening the Sewing Alley Shop next month! Second item of news is I will be doing several smaller local bazaars that are one day only. I will make sure to post here with the details so the local supporters of Sewing Alley can come see us. Last but not least make sure you keep checking back here at the Sewing Alley blog for special sneak previews of our new products, as well as a giveaway!

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